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SMS A/P Combo Cardiac Coil - Trio TIM 3.0T

Lightweight, flexible coil provides high quality images with adequate anatomical coverage. Soft, thin foam design is comfortable for patient, economizes on valuable bore space and is quick to position on patient.

Model Number

  • 800537

Part Number

  • 9896-032-05671


  • Siemens 3.0T Trio TIM
  • Siemens 3.0T Verio


  • Cardiovascular


  • Coil is designed with 32 overlapping elements, posterior and anterior, delivering high quality, homogeneous images utilizing iPAT imaging techniques.
  • Thin, lightweight coil provides patient comfort, easy set-up and economizes on valuable bore space.
  • Large 42cm FOV in both S/I and R/L imaging planes.
  • Flexible design contours to anatomy for multi-application imaging flexibility.
  • Soft, durable foam material covers elements for easy cleaning, and lies flat for convenient storage.


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