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The latest generation of DynaCAD software has been tailored to enhance your imaging workflow by providing a large flexible workspace with custom hanging protocols, multi-vendor viewing capabilities and configurable worklists for easy study management.

Enhance Your Workflow

DynaCAD’s advanced post-processing engine can be configured to automatically generate multi-planar reformatted (MPR) and maximum intensity projection (MIP) images. The system can also apply 3D image registration for correction of motion artifacts. The post processed data is then available for viewing in one of DynaCAD’s customized hanging protocols or can be automatically forwarded to a PACS archive.

DynaCAD Breast Screenshot

DynaCAD Breast Screenshot


The structure segmentation feature in DynaCAD launches with a click of the users mouse button. The advanced segmentation algorithm automatically parses areas of enhancement from the background and allows users to make on-the-fly modifications.

Organize Key Attributes

Key landmark distances, diameter measures, volume, and kinetic traits are reported for each segmented area. This resulting data can optionally be added to a set of key case images and combined into a structured study report.

DynaCAD Breast Landmark Location Screenshot

Interventional Planning

Interventional Planning with DynaLOC offers visual guidance for planning of breast biopsy procedures. DynaLOC’s menu driven interface guides users through the setup of equipment to the confirmation of targets. DynaLOC incorporates a large library of interventional instruments and hardware for site specific, customized workflow. The enhanced computer graphics display illustrations of the patient position, target area, needle track and device setup. 

DynaCAD with ONCAD Logo






Optional ONCAD morphology detection for DynaCAD utilizes fractal mathematics and patented algorithms for highlighting both invasive and non-invasive suspicious lesions. ONCAD’s objective approach also delineates the extent of disease by measuring margin sharpness, a characteristic related to blooming, to help determine the degree of lesion vascularization1.

DynaCAD with ONCAD morphology is the only advanced visualization system that allows clinicians to use both the kinetics and morphology analyses to assist in detection and meet the ACR’s recommendations. The result is a single solution designed to help radiologists read quickly and confidently.

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1American College of Radiology (ACR) Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System Atlas (BI-RADS® Atlas). Reston, VA: © American College of Radiology; 2003.