Advanced neuro solutions – only from Invivo

Advances in MRI technology and analysis are revolutionizing the way neuroradiologists interpret MRI studies. Invivo is leading the way with advanced neuro analysis designed to optimize your radiology workflow while never losing focus on the patient experience. DynaSuite Neuro provides analysis of MRI studies, allowing clinicians to combine anatomical images and results, such as DTI or perfusion color maps, fiber tracks, and fMRI activations in a single 2D and 3D display. SensaVue fMRI carries neuro analysis further to deliver clinically-validated experiment paradigms while also serving as a patient entertainment system, providing a variety of media entertainment options for patients during routine clinical MRI exams.


DynaSuite Neuro

DynaSuite Neuro from Invivo is a high performance, advanced MR neuro solution designed for optimal workflow and repeatable analysis for pediatric and adult patients. Applications include perfusion for tumor analysis and stroke, diffusion and diffusion tensor imaging with fiber tracking for stroke and surgical planning, and functional MRI (fMRI) for analysis and surgical planning.

DynaSuite Neuro Screenshot

32 channel head coil

Routine diagnostic coil with high performance capabilities required for specialized MR imaging applications like functional MRI.


Neurovascular coil

This single coil virtually eliminates the need for coil change-overs and patient repositioning during exams, particularly important when exam requires the administration of contrast.

Neurovascular Coil

SensaVue Monitor and Cart


SensaVue presents a sensory experience to your patients during routine MRI exams and functional MRI. Based on technology previously used for research, Invivo now offers this comprehensive, easy-to-use visual and auditory solution for clinical use. SensaVue sends visual and auditory signals from a variety of media sources to a high-resolution 32" display, which can be positioned virtually anywhere in the MRI suite.