Partnering to build best-in-class oncology programs

About us

Invivo Corporation has always been inspired by a better way.  A better way for you, a better way for your patients, and a better way to address unmet needs in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. In our relentless pursuit of “better,” Invivo is pleased to announce our transition as an integral part of Philips Oncology Solutions – a new business unit with a sole focus of helping you build best-in-class oncology programs.

From diagnosis and staging, to treatment decision, to therapy planning and follow-up, see how Philips Oncology Solutions is addressing challenges in cancer care by providing solutions across the entire care delivery pathway.

Our solutions

Breast solutions

From diagnostic imaging, to advanced image processing, to biopsy guidance, we have a solution fit for you.

Ortho solutions

A comprehensive lineup of imaging coils covering a wide array of imaging applications across a variety of MR platforms.

Lung solutions

Software solutions that optimize workflow for fast, efficient review, reporting, and management of CT lung exams.

Patient monitoring

Elevate your monitoring capabilities from MR-level to bedside-level, and make it easy to connect with hospital IT systems.

Neuro solutions

Integrated and automated applications and hardware in a single easy-to-use package.

Prostate solutions

Bringing Radiology and Urology together like never before, with comprehensive clinical solutions designed to help visualize, assess, target, and track specific suspicious areas in the prostate.