Our solutions

Invivo is committed to providing technology solutions to keep pace with the needs of a growing healthcare market. Focusing on a better way for you and your patients, Invivo offers solutions that help to improve confidence and accuracy in your clinical practice.

Breast solutions

Invivo is Breast Solutions. From diagnostic imaging, to advanced image processing, to biopsy guidance, Invivo has a solution fit for you. It all starts with quality images and, to that end, Invivo offers an extensive lineup of breast imaging coils with a variety of OEM models and channel count configurations. Review and processing of cases on Invivo’s DynaCAD for Breast system offers a means of organizing diagnostic images for quick study review.  The DynaCAD software is also outfitted with interventional planning capability for computer-guided localization of targets.

Lung solutions

Lung cancer screening (LCS) using low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) has been clinically-proven to reduce lung cancer mortality in individuals at high-risk for lung cancer.1 However, the implementation and ongoing management of an effective LCS program requires a comprehensive and well-integrated approach across the entire continuum of patient care. Invivo now helps you address these challenges by introducing an extensive product and service offering centered on providing you and your clinical team with the tools necessary to successfully implement an effective lung screening program.

Neurological solutions

Advances in MRI technology and analysis are revolutionizing the way neuroradiologists interpret MRI studies. Invivo is leading the way with advanced neuro analysis designed to optimize your radiology workflow while never losing focus on the patient experience.

DynaSuite Neuro provides analysis of MRI studies, allowing clinicians to combine anatomical images and results, such as DTI or perfusion color maps, fiber tracks, and fMRI activations in a single 2D and 3D display.  SensaVue fMRI carries neuro analysis further to deliver clinically-validated experiment paradigms while also serving as a patient entertainment system, providing a variety of media entertainment options for patients during routine clinical MRI exams.

Orthopedic magnetic
resonance coils

Invivo’s comprehensive lineup of imaging coils covers a wide array of imaging applications across a variety of MR platforms. New designs embrace increases in element count, field strength, and new imaging applications. Our dedicated team of RF engineers work in tandem to optimize coil fit and comfort, meet signal-to-noise and image homogeneity requirements, and speed image acquisition time for each patient application. The results are products engineered to fit the needs of clinicians and increase the diagnostic value for patients.

Patient monitoring

Healthcare is changing.  You’re asking more of your MR staff – because you have to – and now you can ask more of your MR patient monitoring, too.  With Expression patient monitoring you can now elevate your monitoring capabilities from MR-level to bedside-level, and make it easier to connect with hospital IT systems.

Prostate solutions

Advances in multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate now enhance the ability to visualize and evaluate clinically significant prostate lesions.  Invivo brings Radiology and Urology together like never before, with complete clinical solutions designed to help visualize, assess, target, and track specific suspicious areas in the prostate.  With roots based in MRI imaging, Invivo believes that better images mean better results.  From image acquisition and review with our Sentinelle endo-rectal coil and DynaCAD Prostate, to an MRI/ultrasound guided biopsy with UroNav, Invivo delivers a comprehensive prostate solution across the continuum of care.

1 American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2014. Atlanta: American Cancer Society; 2014.