Enhance confidence and efficiency

Invivo is Breast Solutions. From diagnostic imaging, to advanced image processing, to biopsy guidance, Invivo has a solution fit for you. It all starts with quality images and, to that end, Invivo offers an extensive lineup of breast imaging coils with a variety of OEM models and channel count configurations. Review and processing of cases on Invivo’s DynaCAD for Breast system offers a means of organizing diagnostic images for quick study review.  The DynaCAD software is also outfitted with interventional planning capability for computer-guided localization of targets.


Breast coils

Invivo’s experience as a manufacturer of MRI imaging coils is apparent in our lineup of breast imaging coils. From the arrangement of comfort padding, to the open design architecture for diagnostic positioning and biopsy access, as well as the layout of imaging elements, Invivo breast coils have been built to provide a better way for you and your patient.

LBS Breast Coil

DynaCAD Breast Current Prior Interlink

DynaCAD Breast

The latest generation of DynaCAD software has been tailored to enhance your imaging workflow by providing a large flexible workspace with custom hanging protocols, multi-vendor viewing capabilities and configurable worklists for easy study management.

Interventional instruments & accessories

Invivo recognizes the importance and growth in Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI). MR has rapidly become an imaging modality of choice for radiologists. As a result, MR guided interventions have come to the forefront in early cancer detection. Our interventional products are designed specifically for use under MR. Our titanium and low magnetic stainless steel tools have an advanced surface treatment that provides excellent visualization in MR.