Comfort. Access. Clarity.

Invivo’s experience as a manufacturer of MRI imaging coils is apparent in our lineup of breast imaging coils. From the arrangement of comfort padding, to the open design architecture for diagnostic positioning and biopsy access, as well as the layout of imaging elements, Invivo breast coils have been built to provide a better way for you and your patient.

Sentinelle breast coil

Considered the Cadillac of breast imaging coils, Invivo Sentinelle breast coils combine open imaging apertures, patented variable coil geometry, and an assortment of padding  for optimum image quality, access, and comfort.

Complete Sentinelle Coil

Sentinelle Medical Stretcher

Sentinelle breast coil features

The Variable Coil Geometry design of the Sentinelle coils allows each imaging element to be independently positioned and configured for each patient. Patient can then be positioned quickly and effectively as the imaging elements can be positioned as close to the breast as possible optimizing the signal-to-noise ratio for each individual patient. The positioning of the element also assists in immobilizing the breast tissue helping reduce motion artifacts.

Enhanced luminescence breast coil

Building on the strengths of earlier designs the enhanced luminescence breast coil raises the bar with a modular platform offering a closed 16 channel diagnostic design for exquisite imaging of the breast and a separate 7ch open element, illuminated module for both diagnostic and interventional imaging.

Enhanced Luminescence Breast Coil

Breast Biopsy Coil

Breast biopsy coil

An economical entry into breast imaging shouldn’t sacrifice image quality. Invivo’s Biopsy Breast Coil (BBC) combines image quality, biopsy capability, and patient comfort into an affordable package. The BBC was designed to excel at both diagnostic imaging and interventions with its 7ch design for use with parallel imaging and movable immobilization plates for medial and lateral interventional approaches.

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