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DynaCAD for Prostate empowers radiologists with a comprehensive set of advanced visualization tools for real-time analysis, review, and reporting of studies. Images can be transferred directly from the MRI to DynaCAD for automatic processing and customized display. Upon case completion key images, statistical data, and prostate PIRADS reports can be automatically transferred to PACS for archiving. 


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DynaCAD’s flexible processing engine helps to ensure cases are processed quickly and accurately without modification to your workflow. Customizable hanging protocols allow each user to independently setup their own viewing preferences and the on-the-fly system architecture provides the ability to alter settings without having to resend or reprocess exams.  

DynaCAD Prostate Screenshot

DynaCAD Prostate Screenshot

It's automatic

DynaCAD for prostate features a model based gland segmentation which automatically performs a 3D segmentation of the prostate gland eliminating the need to manually outline across multiple slices. Users can alter or make adjustments to the segmented results in all three planes. The resulting segmentation will report overall gland volume and sets the stage for UroNav fusion biopsy.

Advanced features

It all starts at the source

The Sentinelle endorectal coil’s 2-channel design allows it to utilize parallel imaging techniques for increases in imaging speed, signal-to-noise, and image resolution. The included pelvic tabletop assembly enhances the positioning of the patient to help reduce motion artifact while keeping the patient comfortable. The small coil profile and shape similar to a standard transrectal ultrasound transducer help reduce deformation of the prostate during the exam.

Sentinelle Endorectal Coil

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