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Invivo’s DynaTRIM is a first of its kind fully MRI-compatible interventional device for Trans-Rectal Interventional MRI (TRIM) of the prostate gland. It’s a removable device that is designed to sit atop an MR imaging table and features an open design that allows for flexibility in choice of imaging coils. 



Minimally invasive
Proven clinical results1,2
Personalized targeting
Easy to use and clean
Reusable with sterile disposables
Designed for Invivo instruments

DynaTRIM Device

Hit the mark

The DynaTRIM system is comprised of three elegantly simple components, a baseplate to rest upon the MR table, a clampstand supported by the baseplate provides 6-way adjustability for targeting, and a needle guide serves as a fiducial marker and a guide sleeve for the biopsy needle. Coupled with DynaCAD’s interventional planning software, the DynaTRIM system offers a guided approach to targeting areas of the prostate gland within the MR suite.

Product literature

Product information

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